Care Home Abuse

Care Home Abuse

If you or a loved one lives in a care home then you should be looked after properly, not mistreated and be provided with the necessary medical care. If this is not happening you may be able  to claim compensation.

Also, you may be able to claim compensation if you know someone, a friend or a member of your family, who is living in a care home and you feel that they are being neglected.

Common issues could include:

  • Medication errors
  • Injuries from errors in being handled or because of falls causing such things as broken bones
  • Pressure sores and pressure ulcers
  • Malnourishment and dehydration
  • Inadequate supervision

A care home compensation claim helps you ensure that your loved ones get the care and treatment that they deserve. As well as compensation for any injuries or neglect that they have suffered this could cover the costs of  moving to a new care home so that they live in a better place. It also helps highlight any neglect or mistreatment happening at  a particular care home and helps other from suffering from the same sort of neglect or mistreatment.

Such claims are upsetting and distressing and sensitive and expert advice is needed to work out whether you have a claim. Our specialist care home specialist solicitors will be able to advise you and we will act for you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis meaning that you will not have to pay any legal fees should  your case be unsuccessful. Request a Free Consultation today.