We can confirm we operate a NO WIN NO FEE agreement whereby we ensure your legal costs are only payable upon SUCCESSFUL completion of your case.

NO PAYMENT will be taken until the end of the case and if we are unsuccessful then you will not have to pay our costs.

If we are not successful with your case then you will not have to pay for our costs and when we win your case then part of our fees will be recovered from the Defendant / Defendant insurance company.


What Agreement will I need to sign?


You will be required to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which will set out the no win no fee arrangement between you and your solicitor.

Will you take out an insurance policy to cover me against risk of costs?


As we have made it clear, we operate on a no win no fee basis, which means you wont have to pay our costs unless you succeed, but you will still be liable for the disbursements such as engineering evidence, medical reports, court fees etc.

Further you will also be liable for Defendant costs in certain situations.

There are no guarantees in the claims process therefore if you decide to take out the insurance policy then this will give you added protection.

We will take out an independent insurance policy on your behalf, which will cover all the disbursements and our costs, which will enable us to operate on a no win no fee basis and will cover you against the risk of the Defendant’s costs.

There are possibilities you may have to pay the Defendant’s costs and in the unlikely event you are ordered to pay the Defendant’s costs, I.E. if they make an offer to settle your claim and you fail to accept the offer in accordance with our advice, adverse costs and other costs you may be liable for, then the insurance policy will cover the costs (subject to terms and conditions).

We recommend this policy is taken out as the insurance policy cost will only be payable upon successful settlement of your case.

Are there other forms of funding the claim?


We will make enquiries if you have an existing legal expenses cover, such as with your car or home insurance, credit card insurance etc, which can cover all aspects of the claims similar to the insurance policy which we purchase on your. If another insurance policy can be established then we will cancel the existing policy we have taken on your behalf.

Once the independent insurance policy is taken out on your behalf by us, then it has to be cancelled within 14 days, otherwise the only other way it can be cancelled is if we establish an existing insurer who will provide cover for you.

What do I pay you if my claim is successful?


We operate a no win no fee agreement. If we are successful we limit our fees in accordance with the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). If successful we are entitled to part of our costs from the Defendant but as we do not get paid all our costs, in accordance with the CFA we deduct up to a maximum of 25% of the total compensation you are awarded as a contribution to cover some of our costs.