Factory Related

Factory Related

Slipping and tripping accidents are one of the most common types of injuries in a factory environment. In many instances, people trip or slip over hazards such as discarded rubbish and wires so ensuring there are no obstructions is very important.  The right type of clothing, including gloves and the right shoes should also be worn where there may be a risk of injuries and exposure to harmful substances. Ear protection should also be worn if there is a risk of deafness occurring from noisy machinery. Employees should be made fully aware of how to operate any machinery and the safety measures which are to be taken when using them.

The best course of action any employer can take is to ensure that the right training is given from the very beginning of their employment.  Workers should also take regular breaks to help keep their concentration afloat. This will help employees be more alert and cautious around their work environment.


What to do if you have had an accident at work?

You should file a report with your employers immediately. Every employer should record any accidents which have taken place in the workplace but if they don’t then make sure you keep an accurate account of the date, time and exactly what happened. You should then keep a copy for yourself and present another copy to your employer. You should also try and collect any details for witnesses and any possible photographic evidence of the state of your workplace at the time the incident happened. You should seek medical attention immediately and keep a note of the time and date and which G.P or hospital you visited for your records and any painkillers or treatment that you had to undergo. If you are thinking of claiming, then seek legal advice immediately as some injuries have a time limit and once this is surpassed, you will no longer be able to claim.


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