Wills and Probate

Wills and Probate

Versus Law Solicitors are specialists in Wills and can help you creating a Will which will satisfy your needs.

There are ways you can plan for the future and for any unforeseen circumstances.

It is important to have a Will if you wish to have certainty and want your wishes fulfilled.

If you do not have a Will then your partner / spouse may not inherit everything, your children may not receive what you intended for them and your house may have to be sold.

Having a Will gives you certainty.

We have experienced solicitors who can help you and make sure the process is made simple for you.

When somebody dies the person entitled to manage the estate must obtain a Grant of Representation from the Probate Registry. This is an official document which proves the individual’s authority to deal with the Deceased’s assets so that they can be distributed amongst the beneficiaries.

There are many types of Grants of Representation. The three most common are:

  • Grant of Probate: where the Deceased left a valid Will appointing certain people as his/her Executors
  • Grant of Letters of Administration with Will annexed: where the Deceased left a valid Will but did not appoint an Executor or the appointment has failed because the individual is unable or unwilling to act
  • Grant of Letters of Administration: where the Deceased did not leave a valid Will.

A basic will costs from £100 + VAT, and a ‘mirror’ husband and wife Will costs from £150 + VAT.

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