Pedestrian Accident Claims


Each year thousands of pedestrians are involved in road traffic accidents and a lot of them suffer serious or fatal injuries.

Accidents can occur when pedestrians attempt to cross the road or when the road user does not pay attention to the road.

The injured person must prove the road user was at fault and more specifically negligence, which is where we come in and provide assistance to you.

You as a pedestrian must follow the rules of the road and exercise reasonable care for your own safety. You are required to adhere to traffic light signals when crossing the road, cross the road from a safe place and avoid crossing the when traffic is moving.

We have handled many pedestrian accident claims and our experienced solicitors will help make the claims process as easy as possible for you.

We can confirm we operate a NO WIN NO FEE agreement whereby we ensure your legal costs are only payable upon SUCCESSFUL completion of your case.


When involved in a road traffic accident, certain steps taken can make your case stronger and easier to proceed with:

  1. Consider calling an ambulance and seek medical assistance as some injuries are not visible, even if you believe you are fine.
  2. Call the Police immediately as they should attend the scene and compile a police log.
  3. Only talk to the Police about what happened.
  4. Obtain the fault party’s name, address, telephone number and insurance details
  5. Note the registration, make and model of the fault party vehicle
  6. Write a brief description of the fault driver
  7. Ask to see the fault driver’s Identification
  8. Take photographs of the vehicle(s) and the location of the accident
  9. Approach all witnesses and obtain their name, telephone number and address
  10. Attend GP / Hospital (not required but will be helpful)
  11. Keep a diary of events and the effects of the injuries
  12. Keep a log and receipts of all the expenses and losses

Rest assured, even if all the above steps are not followed or you have not got all the details listed, we can still help you with your claim and can advise on how best to proceed.


Children are a higher risk of road traffic accidents and if they have been in an accident we recommend you contact us immediately.

Do not blame the child and do not accept fault for the collision.

A child may have ran in to the road but that does not mean the child is to blame for the accident as the driver may have been speeding or may not have been concentrating on the road.

Even if it appears the child was at fault, there may be factors of the case which could suggest the driver may be either fully at fault or even partially to blame.

If the driver is even found partially to blame, then the child may be entitled to compensation.

If  you are unsure of anything, have a look at our FAQs or contact us today.




If you have suffered losses as a result of the accident then you are entitled to make a claim to recover the losses from the Defendant / Defendant insurer.


You are entitled to make a claim for injuries suffered as a result of the accident.

Injuries resulting from a road traffic accident can be:

  • Broken arms / legs
  • Injured knees
  • Psychological injuries (sleeping issues, stress, nervousness, depression etc)
  • Injured wrists
  • Nose / Dental / Facial injuries
  • etc

Even if the injury was minor, you will still be entitled to make a claim, as we have recovered compensation of over £1000 for an injury which lasted only a few weeks, therefore please contact us for your free consultation.


Many pedestrians who are involved in a road traffic accident require help, assistance and general care in the recovery process.

Depending on the injury, we may be able to arrange professional care for you but this will depend on the fact of the case.

In many cases, the pedestrian is cared for fully or partially by either friends or family and in the case of children, by their parents or guardians.