Motorcycle / Cycling

Motorcycle / Cycling

When an accident involves a motorcycle or a cycle, the biker / cyclist usually suffers more damage and injury than a person in a vehicle.

A vehicle has the benefit of airbags, seatbelts and the protection of the vehicle itself but these benefits are not afforded to motorcyclist and cyclists.

We are experienced in dealing with all types of accidents and have represented a lot of cyclists and bikers who have successfully settled their cases and have been satisfied with the outcome.

Rules for Motorcyclists

  1. By law you have to wear a helmet
  2. Carry only a maximum of one passenger at a time
  3. Ride safely and make yourself visible to other road users
  4. Wear reflective clothing in poor lighting

If you believe you have not adhered to any or some of the rules when riding a motorbike, dont be concerned as you may still be entitled to claim and we recommend you contact us to discuss your accident further.

We can confirm we operate a NO WIN NO FEE agreement whereby we ensure your legal costs are only payable upon SUCCESSFUL completion of your case.


When involved in a road traffic accident, certain steps taken can make your case stronger and easier to proceed with:

  1. Consider calling an ambulance and seek medical assistance as some injuries are not visible, even if you believe you are fine.
  2. Obtain the fault party’s name, address, telephone number and insurance details
  3. Note the registration, make and model of the fault party vehicle
  4. Write a brief description of the fault driver
  5. Ask to see the fault driver’s Identification
  6. Take photographs of both vehicles and the location of the accident
  7. Approach all witnesses and obtain their name, telephone number and address
  8. Inform the Police of the accident and obtain a reference number or call log number
  9. Attend GP / Hospital (not required but will be helpful)
  10. Keep a diary of events and the effects of the injuries
  11. Keep a log and receipts of all the expenses and losses

Rest assured, even if all the above steps are not followed or you have not got all the details listed, we can still help you with your claim and can advise on how best to proceed.


We have a specialist team who has dealt with tens of thousands of successful claims ranging from several thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds with a success rate of over 95%.

We have over 80 years combined experience in dealing with injury claims and placing our client’s needs above all else is paramount to the level of service we provide.

Having settled cases with a combined value of over 30 million pounds, we can safely say all of our client’s receive a dedicated case handler and we pride ourselves on the personal, efficient and professional service we provide.

We will not push you to proceed with your claim and our advice provided will always be with your best interests in mind.

Our results speak for themselves and many of our client’s recommend friends and family to use our service.


If you have suffered losses as a result of the accident then you are entitled to make a claim to recover the losses from the Defendant / Defendant insurer.


You are entitled to make a claim for injuries suffered as a result of the accident.

The common injury for a road traffic accident involving two vehicles is generally whiplash but the most common injury for motorcycle and bicycle accidents is an injury to the brain, therefore seeking medical assistance is paramount even if the injury is not visible.

We advise all bikers and cyclists to seek urgent medical assistance.

Other injuries resulting from a road traffic accident:

  • Broken arms / legs
  • Injured knees
  • Psychological injuries (sleeping issues, stress, nervousness, depression etc)
  • Injured wrists
  • Nose / Dental / Facial injuries
  • etc

Even if the injury was minor, you will still be entitled to make a claim, as we have recovered compensation of over £1000 for an injury which lasted only a few weeks, therefore please contact us for your free consultation.


You are entitled to make a claim for any damage to your motorbike as a result of the accident.

We will arrange for your motorbike to be inspected by an independent engineer, who will provide a report detailing the damage and the cost of repairs or with a valuation if your motorbike is a total loss.

In terms of bicycles, we would request evidence of money paid, if available and or evidence of cost of a like for like replacement bike.

The Defendant will be liable to put the bicycle / motorbike in its position had the accident not have happened. If the bicycle / motorbike is repairable then the Defendant will be liable for the repair cost and if the bicycle / motorbike is a total loss then the Defendant will be liable for the pre accident value of your bicycle / motorbike.


If your motorbike is unroadworthy or may be in for repairs, then you have the right to a replacement subject to certain conditions.  Please contact us for advice regarding hiring a replacement.


If your motorbike was recovered and or was placed in storage because it was not possible to keep on the road or at your property then you are entitled to make a claim for the recovery and storage charges.


If you do not have access to your damaged motorbike and choose not to hire a replacement then you can claim loss of use, which on average recovered amount is £15-£20 per day.


If you have reasonable general expenses (i.e. medicine, clothing, etc) and travel expenses as a result of the accident then please keep all receipts and we will claim the expenses back on your behalf.


If you have had to take time off as a result of the accident, then you will be able to make a claim for loss of earnings.


The claim for losses is unlimited to all reasonable losses resulting from the accident.

The losses may be past losses but if the accident has affected future losses, i.e. earnings, job prospects, holidays etc, then the claim may be significant and you will need an experienced solicitor helping you with the claims process.

As a result of the accident you may wish to have private treatment, such as private consultations, surgeries, physiotherapy, CBT (for non physical injuries such as stress, depression etc) and you will be able to claim for the same from the Defendant and we can help you with this.

If you have been cared for by family, friends or a private company as a result of the accident, then you are entitled to make a claim on their behalf for the cost of the care. If a family member or friend provided care, then you can claim an hourly rate on their behalf depending on the care provided.

We and a medical expert will assess your needs and be able to recommend the possible treatments to consider.


If you have are still unsure of something, check out our FAQs or contact us today. We are here to help you