Office Related

Office Related

The most common type of Office work related injuries can occur from simple issues which can be easily avoided such as providing adequate workstations and having good seating arrangements. Employers should make sure that staff are fully aware of health and safety regulations in the office by putting up posters and notices.

The most common type of office injury is tripping or slipping and it can be easily avoided.

For instance, walkways should be kept clear at all times and any obstacles should be removed from near all doors and fire exits. Desks and floors should not be cluttered with files and boxes. Wet floors should be clearly marked so employees and visitors can tread carefully. Any wires should be neatly kept and out of the way. Bad flooring and staircases can also cause a hazard. Employees should take extra care when lifting heavy objects and should be taught on how to lift properly without causing strain to their back. Strain injuries have also become common office-related accidents from working on computers. Wrist and eye strain injuries can occur and employees should be aware of all the risks and how to avoid to the risks. Your employer is also responsible for factors such as lighting, heating, gas and even your work car park.

What to do if you have had an accident at work?

You should file a report with your employers immediately. Every employer should record any accidents which have taken place in the workplace but if they don’t then make sure you keep an accurate account of the date, time and exactly what happened. You should then keep a copy for yourself and present another copy to your employer. You should also try and collect any details for witnesses and any possible photographic evidence of the state of your workplace at the time the incident happened. You should seek medical attention immediately and keep a note of the time and date and which G.P or hospital you visited for your records and any painkillers or treatment that you had to undergo. If you are thinking of claiming, then seek legal advice immediately as some injuries have a time limit and once this is surpassed, you will no longer be able to claim.