Construction Sites

Construction Sites

A building site can be an extremely hazardous place of work.  Heavy electric machinery is often used, with workers having to work under strain and operating on dangerous surfaces where there may be a lot of debris. When working in construction, safety needs to be addressed at both ground levels and at working heights. Operating machinery such as fork lift trucks can also cause serious accidents if the right training and information isn’t provided. Simple preventative action such as putting up warning signs or safety barriers can help make the site a safer environment. Unfortunately, in some instances, you may find that problems may be caused to your health later on in your life after you have stopped working. Exposure to chemicals and other harmful substances can even become life threatening.

Some examples of a construction site injury claim may include:

  • Falling from heights such as from cranes, ladders, roofs and scaffolding
  • Being hit by a vehicle while on site
  • Using faulty equipment that results in an injury
  • Fractured bones
  • Chemical burns
  • Serious cuts and/or bruises
  • Injuries involving the splashing of substances such as concrete
  • Falling objects / collapsing  foundations

Those responsible for such sites are responsible for the health and safety of  those working on such  sites and therefore must, for  example:

  • Provide suitable machinery and equipement for the work being done
  • Maintain any machinery and eqipment so that it operates properly and safely
  • Provide adequate training for the use of machinery or ensure that workers are properly trained
  • Provide proper protection or ensure that workers are properly protected by enforcing the use of protective equipment
  • Ensure that safe procedures are in place and are followed


What to do if you have had an accident at work?

You should file a report with your employers immediately. Every employer should record any accidents which have taken place in the workplace but if they don’t then make sure you keep an accurate account of the date, time and exactly what happened. You should then keep a copy for yourself and present another copy to your employer. You should also try and collect any details for witnesses and any possible photographic evidence of the state of your workplace at the time the incident happened. You should seek medical attention immediately and keep a note of the time and date and which G.P or hospital you visited for your records and any painkillers or treatment that you had to undergo. If you are thinking of claiming, then seek legal advice immediately as some injuries have a time limit and once this is surpassed, you will no longer be able to claim.


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