Industrial Deafness


Have you once worked in a noisy environment for a prolonged period of time?

As a result, do you think you are suffering from noise-induced deafness?

Then you may have a right to claim compensation.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus is a hearing impairment due to exposure to loud noise.  In many cases, symptoms develop as a result of continual and repeated exposure.




Symptoms of Noise Induced Hearing Loss develop gradually, and may not manifest themselves until years after you have ceased being exposed to loud noise.  Symptoms can include the following:


  • Turning the volume on the tv up louder;
  • Difficulty hearing in the presence of background noise;
  • Difficulty hearing in group conversations or when more than one person is peaking at once;
  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves;
  • Mishearing what people are saying


A further symptom of damage caused by exposure to loud noise is Tinnitus which is a noise heard in the ears, commonly described as a ringing, hissing, whistling, or buzzing noise.  Tinnitus can affect the ability to slepp and can be most intrusive in quiet environments.




Occupations commonly (but not exclusively) worked in which are associated with the development of Noise Induced Hearing Loss include:


  • Mining;
  • Construction;
  • Steel;
  • Engineering;
  • Mechanical;

Time period for pursuing a claim:


As in all claims for Industrial Disease type injuries, you only have 3 years from your date of knowledge in which to bring your claim to Court.  Your date of knowledge is the first date you considered that you were suffering from a significant problem, and first attributed this, or ought reasonably to have attributed this, to noise in your employment.


Our designated team will assess your date of knowledge at the outset of your case to ensure your claim is brought before the Courts within the three year limitation period.  However, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately should you consider that you may be suffering from Noise Induced Hearing Loss and/or Tinnitus as a result of your noise exposure at work.


We aim to deal promptly and efficiently with your claim, and as a result the majority of claim can be settled without you being required to attend a Court hearing.


We frequently instruct qualified and highly regarded Medical and Engineering Experts to prove your injury and that the noise levels you were exposed to breached the Regulations in force at the time  of your employment.


Even if you have been exposed to loud noise with more than one employer, we can pursue claims against multiple employers in order to maximise your compensation.


The fact that your employer may no longer be in business does not preclude us from a pursuing a claim against them on your behalf, as we have resources in place to assist us in locating their insurers at the time of your employment.