Hazardous substances exposure


When it comes to working with poisonous and hazardous substance, your employer must follow strict guidelines to ensure you are not directly exposed to the substances.  You are entitled to receive compensation if your employees negligence has caused to you to develop minor or major  symptoms of chemical poisoning.


Examples of Hazardous Substances used in the Workplace include:

  1. Solids
  2. Liquids
  3. Gases
  4. Mists
  5. Fumes

Forms of exposure include:

  1. Breathing in.
  2. Contact with skin.
  3. Swallowing
  4. Contact with the eyes.
  5. Skin puncture

Examples of Risks:


If you work with or around hazardous chemicals, you risk inhaling these chemicals and damaging your health. These can cause both short and long-term health problems. Some of the most common symptoms of potential chemical poisoning are:


  1. Coughing
  2. Wheezing
  3. Difficulty breathing
  4. Dizzy Spells (frequent or infrequent)
  5. Nausea

Prolonged exposure to dangerous chemicals can cause more serious conditions and industrial diseases such as:


  1. Cancers
  2. Skin Diseases such as Dermatitis
  3. Asthma

Professions considered to be at risk include:

  1. Cleaners
  2. Hairdressers
  3. Welders
  4. Bakery Workers
  5. Garage Workers
  6. Healthcare Staff
  7. Quarry Workers
  8. Woodworkers
  9. Metal Workers
  10. Florists
  11. Catering
  12. Construction Workers
  13. Crude Oil Workers



Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 (as amended):

The 8 principles of good practice in accordance with COSHH:

  1. Minimise emission, release and spread.
  2. Consider routes of exposure.
  3. Choose control measures proportionate to the risk.
  4. Choose effective control options.
  5. Personal protective equipment – the first control option.
  6. Review the effectiveness of controls.
  7. Provide information and training.
  8. New measures, new risks


Classification Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP) Regulations:

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of chemicals (REACH) Regulations:


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