Lost / delayed luggage

Lost / delayed luggage

We all know the dreaded feeling when you are waiting for your checked bag to arrive by the carousel and it doesn’t.

Lost or delayed luggage: What to do next

The moment you notice your luggage has not arrived, head straight to the baggage services desk. You will need to complete a Property irregularity Report (PIR).This is a declaration form that needs to be submitted within 5 days and we recommend you complete it then and there. Ask the representative to check World Tracer as they may be able to see where your luggage is.

If your luggage was delayed then you are automatically entitled to compensation for necessary goods (like toiletries and clothes). If your luggage doesn’t arrive after three days then you will need to fill in a Baggage Inventory List.

If your luggage is lost (has not turned up after 21 days from being checked in – anything before this time is still considered – delayed) then you are entitled to compensation. The airline has to compensate you (per kilo) for the lost luggage. This will be a maximum of about  €1,100. You must claim within 7 days of your luggage being considered lost.


Know your rights

The airline is responsible for the following: (for checked in luggage only)

  • The cost of replacing essential items whilst luggage is delayed.
  • The reasonable expenses you incur (eg: travel expenses to and from the airport to pick up the delayed luggage)
  • The value of lost luggage
  • The cost of damage to your luggage.

It is important to note that most you can claim is limited to €1,131 per passenger (including reasonable expenses). You can only claim over this limit if you had already made make a ‘special declaration of interest in the delivery of your luggage’.



Know the process

You will need to do the following in order to claim:

1: Inform the airline of your lost / delayed luggage within 21 days (usually to staff at arrival airport) .

2: Complete a Property Irregularity Report.

3: If your luggage is not found after 21 days (from check in) write to airline within 7 days. Try to list everything in suitcase.

4: Provide receipts for essential items bought whilst abroad. (Keep this in mind when shopping on all future holidays)

5: Provide receipts for reasonable (example: taxis)

6: Provide proof /valuation of contents of suitcase (realistically you will not have receipts for everything but it is important to keep this in mind when travelling and we suggest putting really expensive items in your hand luggage if you do not have receipts for them) and the airline will accept an estimate for cheaper items.


Examples of claims:

  • Checked in luggage not arriving at destination on arrival (up to 21 days).
  • Checked in luggage arriving damaged
  • Checked in luggage not arriving at destination after 21 days (lost).


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