Denied Boarding Claim

Denied Boarding Claim

If you are denied boarding

Be aware that before an airline can deny passengers from boarding, the airline is required to first attempt to find volunteers who are willing to give up their seat in exchange for mutually agreed benefits.

If insufficient volunteers come forward, the airline may then proceed to involuntarily deny passengers the right to board their flight. All passengers who are denied boarding must be given the option of being reimbursed or offered a seat on the next available plane. The airline is also liable for the cost of their meals and telephone calls while they wait.


Denied Boarding Regulations

  • The Denied Boarding Regulation (Regulation 261/2004 EC) (the ‘Regulation’) applies to passengers departing from an airport within the EU, whatever the airline is.
  • The Regulation also applies to passengers departing from an airport outside the EU for an airport within the EU, if the airline is based in an EU state.
  • The flight needs to have been after 2012 as the statute of limitations goes back six years in England and Wales


Airline Compensation

A reimbursement is not the same as receiving compensation. Reimbursement means getting back the money you paid for your flight whereas late flight compensation is money paid to cover any additional costs you incurred, such as stress and lost holiday time.

The amount of airline delay compensation a passenger would receive would be dependent on the length of the delay and the length of the scheduled flight they were due to board. The longer the delay and the longer the flight, the greater the amount of airline delay compensation.

Denied boarding compensation is calculated as follows:

Please note that denied boarding compensation is paid out on the basis of how late you arrive at your destination, not how late you set off.  The only way you can make a claim is if you arrive at your destination more than two hours later than the original scheduled time of arrival.


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